2×17 / 2×32 / Polycarbonate


Technical luminaire suitable for engine rooms, machinery spaces, decks / car decks, storage rooms, etc. Made of polycarbonate and offers multiple mounting options. 4h battery back up is available, as well as 2 or 4 ft versions.


Body: Injection technology is used for the body production. The body material (grey RAL 7035) is PS, ABS or PC. The fixture protection is ensured by the clamping of polyurethane foam sealing.

Cover: The light active cover is produced by injection technology. The optical cover material (transparent colour) is PS, SAN or PC. The measured luminous efficacy is according to the light type 70 – 78 %. The cover surface is completely smooth on the outside for easy cleaning.

Clips: For the fixture sealing and locking the clips from PC material are used.

Reflector: The reflector of the fixture is produced from white painted metal sheet. All the electric components of the fixture are mounted on it. A polished linear or parabolical aluminum sheet reflector can be supplied on request.

Technical specification

Part # TL45-217/232-V
Application Outdoors, Machine Spaces
Voltage 120 – 277 V
Wattage 2×17 / 2×32 W
Output 2000 – 4000 lm
Lamp T8
# of lamps 2
Material Polycarbonate
IP Rating IP66
Approvals UL, CSA

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