Compact Module – WallMax Cable Transits

WallMax Compact Module – Cable Transits


The WMC Module is designed with a thinner frame to accommodate the passage of cables through a central opening that can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes. Each half is made up of separate layers that can be easily peeled off to fit different diameters.

Similar to the regular module, this compact version is significantly lighter with single and multiple cable openings available. This ensures maximum packing efficiency for tight spaces and can be used in combination with WallMax mini and mini compact.

This Module works well to protect cables from external hazards that could cause damage.


  • 30 mm Depth
  • light weight and compact
  • Protect cables and pipes against harsh environments
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Made with durable rubber material
  • Cost effective
  • Multi layer design for flexible sizing

Technical specification

Part # 71 3000 XXXX
Dimensions 15×15 – 60×60 mm
Weight 0.008-0.127 kg
Cable Diameters 2.5 – 54 mm
Type Compact Module
Material EPDM Rubber

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