Francis Architectural Lighting – LH300

575W Single End Metal Halide Architectural Light


The Francis LH300 is an ideal substitute where floodlights are unable to provide the light required to highlight certain architectural features. This light can be used to light statues, spires, and garden features.

The LH300 can be used in conjunction with a reeded glass in order to collimate the light, thus providing a uniform floodlight effect.


  • Weatherproof IP66 sealing
  • Toughened front glass
  • Parabolic formed deep dish aluminium reflector
  • External lamp focus adjustment
  • Spill rings to prevent unwanted stray light and glare
  • Supplied with stainless steel security bracket and safety cable
  • Axially mounted Metal Halide light source

Technical Specification

Part # A2859
Application Architectural, garden, statues
Voltage 240 V
Wattage 585 W
Lamp Life 3,000 hrs
Range 3,412 m
Material Stainless steel

Product Support Files