Voyager 2 Premium Searchlight – Francis V-500

Premium Xenon, Halogen or LED Searchlight for Yachts, Patrol Boats & Fast Craft


The Francis Voyager series of searchlights are a premium product available in Xenon, LED, EM arc or Halogen. Included with the searchlight come premium features like a sleek design and powerful light output.

Features available include a remote controlled version with RS485 connectivity, and an optional Flir Thermal Camera with a resolution of 336×265 and range of 600m.


  • Light source of choice
  • Available remote control
  • RS485 connectivity or Fibre Optic TCP / IP connections
  • Rating IP66
  • Toughened front glass
  • PC Control Software included
  • Parabolic glass reflector

Technical Specification

Part # A7180 / A7196 / A7183
Application Security, Leisure, Patrol, Yacht
Voltage 24 V / 230 V
Wattage 100 W – 250 W
Lamp Life 300 – 33,000 hrs
Range 1,000 – 4,800 m
Material Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Product Support Files