WRFF Cable Transit Frame – WallMax

WallMax Rectangular Frames – Cable and Pipe Transits


The WRFF frames have been designed for a variety of manufacturing sectors which include the marine industry.

These frames have been designed to allow the passage of cables through openings in walls or surfaces, and work best when combined with WMR modules.


  • Wide range of sizing
  • Best suited for WMR series
  • Marine applications
  • Pressure resistant
  • Different materials available
  • Personalized cable transit solutions

Technical specification

Part # 71 11XX XXXX
Wall Opening 1×1- 1×10 mm
Weight 2.2-1,000 kg
Packing Space 108×120 mm
Type Rectangular Frame Transit
Material Primed Steel, AISI 316, Galvanized, Aluminum

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