WX 200 Plastic Frame – WallMax

WallMax Rectangular Plastic Frame Plate – Cable and Pipe Transits


The WX 200 PA Plastic Frame is a lightweight mounting solution for cable transits. This frame consists of 30% glass that is used to reinforce the strength of the plastic material. ideal uses for this product can include: data centers, automation, cabinets, and marine.

Designed to be versatile, this frame can be mounted around already existing installations allowing for maximum flexibility. Compression and sealing is done using bolts, and does not require the use of an expander.


  • 30% glass filled
  • Lightweight plastic
  • High cable capacity
  • Modular
  • Bolted compression
  • Variety of uses and applications

Technical specification

Part # 71 1306 2011
Width 262x160mm
Weight 0.61kg
Packing Space 220x120mm
Type Plastic Frame
Material PA 6.6, Glass

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