EX92 Explosion Proof – Watertight LED Luminaire

LED Explosion Proof Luminaire For Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22


The EX92 is a watertight luminaire designed to be used in hazardous areas where lighting is needed. The explosion proof construction allows it to operate safely in areas where gas, vapours, or dust are present and could pose as a potential danger.

This light has been designed with reinforced polyester housing and a clear polycarbonate cover that can withstand impacts and prevent water from entering the sealed light source.


  • Resistance IP66/67
  • Impact proof
  • Explosion proof
  • UV resistant
  • 4x M20 cable entry
  • Clear cover
  • Easy to access light source

Technical specification

Part # 5108003510-001
Voltage 110-240 V AC
Wattage 13 W / 26 W
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Light Type LED
Material Stainless Steel Housing, Polycarbonate cover

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