LED Francis Searchlight – L300RC

L300RC LED 234 W Remote Control and Focus Searchlight


The new Francis Remote Focus LED searchlight range has been developed to offer an Efficiently and Environmentally Friendly alternative to traditional lamp sources.

Using the highest grade of the world class Osram LED, this range offers a high power output with low power
consumption. Using a series of precision made glass lenses to optimize and collimate the light output, to
achieve a greater range and output. The high power LED Chip has 20,000 hour life

The 234w LED gives illumination characteristics in excess of a 300w Xenon lamp / 3kw Halogen.


  • Weatherproof IP66 gearbox and IP56 searchlight
  • Optional heater fitted in barrel
  • Toughened super clear front glass
  • Heater fitted in gearbox and in barrel
  • Remote Pan rotation 365° with elevation control
  • RS485 connectivity
  • Spill rings to prevent unwanted stray light and glare
  • Remote focus available as an option
  • Operational temperature -50°

Technical Specification

Part # A7179
Application Patrol, custom vessel, Search and rescue
Voltage 115 V / 230 V
Wattage 234 W
Lamp Life 20,000 hrs
Range 3,050 m
Material Marine Grade Stainless steel

Product Support Files