Francis Searchlight FR230

Tungsten Halogen Manually Operated Searchlight


The Francis FR230 range of searchlights incorporate the design features required to successfully operate in the most demanding product operating environments on land and sea.

These units are particularly suited for smaller boats, fishing vessels, police launches, coast guard vessels, larger leisure craft, and certain military vehicles.


  • Sealing protection IP56
  • Parabolic glass reflector
  • External lamp focus adjustment
  • Toughened front glass
  • Constructed from marine grade materials and fixings
  • Light shield to prevent unwanted stray light
  • Pan rotation 450°

Technical Specification

Part # A2808 / A 2810
Application Navigation, small boat, fishing
Voltage 12V / 24V
Wattage 100 W / 150 W
Lamp Life 2,000 hrs
Range 700 m
Material Brass

Product Support Files