Suez Canal Searchlight – Francis FL710

Tungsten Halogen Suez Canal Searchlight


The Francis FL710 range of searchlights incorporate the design features required to successfully operate searchlights in the most demanding operating environments on land and sea

These dual purpose split or single beam searchlights are built to the Suez Canal Authority specification and are obligatory for ships passing through the canal. These searchlights are fitted with a lamp changeover system, one operational and one spare for use in the event of a failure.


  • Sealing protection IP56
  • Parabolic split glass reflector
  • Gas proofed for use on tankers
  • Constructed from marine grade materials and fixings
  • Fitted with lamp changeover system
  • Pan rotation 360°
  • Operation Temperature 50°C to -40°C

Technical Specification

Part # A2703
Application Navigation, Suez Canal
Voltage 115 V / 240 V
Wattage 2,000 W / 3000 W
Lamp Life 400 hrs
Range 1,572 m
Material Marine Grade

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