Francis Searchlights FH380RC

Remote Control Metal Halide 1,200W Searchlight


Francis FH380RC premium range of variable speed Remote Controlled Searchlights incorporate the design features required to successfully operate searchlights in the most demanding product operating environments on land and sea. This searchlight is particularly suitable for use on patrol craft, custom vessels and security installations.

This Searchlight comes with Francis bus (FBUS), a custom communication protocol based on RS485 two-wire bi directional communication hardware. The system provides a simple bi directional link between searchlights and
control panels.


  • Instant re-strike. No cooling down time required.
  • Toughened front glass
  • Parabolic glass reflector
  • Constructed from marine grade materials and fixings
  • Heater fitted in gearbox and optional heater fitted in barrel.
  • Pan rotation 360°
  • Operation Temperature -50°

Technical Specification

Part # A7872 / A873
Application Security, patrol craft, custom vessels
Voltage 230 V
Wattage 1,200
Lamp Life 1,000 hrs
Range 5,805 m
Material Brass

Product Support Files