Xenon Prison Grade Searchlights – Francis FX380RC

1,000W Prison Grade Xenon Remote Controlled Searchlight


The Francis FX380RC Prison and Security grade Remote Controlled Searchlights incorporate the design features required to successfully operate in the most demanding product operating environments. Manufactured from the most robust materials. Included is a precision electro formed nickel reflector, which is virtually indestructible and will not shatter if hit.

These Prison Searchlights have been further developed and improved by adding full variable speed and a new joystick control panel offering RS485 interface and an auto home position setting, all at no extra cost. 


  • Immediate full lamp brilliance form switch on
  • Instant re-strike. No cooling down time required
  • Toughened front glass with optional metal guard
  • RS485 connectivity
  • Sealing IP66 gearbox, IP56 searchlight and IP56 PSU
  • Precision electro formed nickel reflector
  • Remote pan rotation 385° with tilt and elevation control

Technical Specification

Part # A7066 / A7065
Application Security, prison
Voltage 115 V / 230 V
Wattage 1,000 W
Lamp Life 2,000 hrs
Range 7,200 m
Material Weather Proof Material

Product Support Files