Xenon Searchlights – Francis FX560

1,000W – 3,000W Xenon Manual Control Searchlights


The Francis FX560 range of Xenon searchlights is a Premium product that incorporates the design features required to successfully operate searchlights in the most demanding product operating environments on land and sea. 

These high power searchlights are well suited to applications where long range and excellent light output are required. For marine applications assisting collision avoidance and man over board situations, and crucially saving lives. 

This line of FX560 Xenon searchlight is strong and manufactured for endurance, and hence is used extensively in security applications, including border control, prisons & watch towers. 


  • Immediate full lamp brilliance form switch on
  • Parabolic glass reflector.
  • Instant re-strike. No cooling down time required
  • Toughened super clear Optiwhite front glass
  • Sealing IP56 searchlight and IP56 PSU
  • Heater fitted in barrel
  • Remote focus optional
  • Pan rotation 450°
  • Special dimensions available upon request

Technical Specification

Part # A2213 / A2213 / A2215
Application Security, prison, border control
Voltage 115 V / 230 V
Wattage 1,000 W / 2,000 W / 3,000 W
Lamp Life 3,000 hrs
Range 9,000 m
Material Marine Grade

Product Support Files