Round Frame – WallMax Pipe Transits

WallMax Round Frames – Pipe Transits


The WR Round frame is used as cable / pipe transit solution. Designed specifically for use with pipes, the pre-assembled two part structure allows for passage of a single pipe. Sizing can be adjusted to fit different pipe diameters and each model comes with different diameter openings.

Rounded frames can be completed with sleeves to secure pipes along with bolts to seal the path of the pipe.


  • Pipe Transit
  • Robust galvanized material
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Pre-assembled two part structure
  • Bolts used to seal path of pipe

Technical specification

Part # 71 1111 0XXX
Wall Opening 24 – 202 mm
Weight 0.05-2.01 kg
Pipe Diameters 3.6-170 mm
Type Round Frame Pipe Transit
Material AISI 316, Galvanized

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