Round Squared Frame – WallMax Transits

WallMax Round Squared Frames – Cable and Pipe Transits


The WRS are Round Squared frames with inner square packing that accommodates modules from the WMR series.

Multiple dimensions of packing space are offered to allow a variety of module combinations and sizing allowing maximum adaptability.

Passage sealing can be done by tightening available bolts on the flange and do not require use of an expander or retainer plates.

WRS frames can be completed with an additional external sleeve that is available as an accessory.


  • Wide range of sizing
  • Best suited for WMR series
  • Optional external sleeve available
  • Do not require expander plates
  • Passage sealing with bolts

Technical specification

Part # 71 1101 0XXX
Wall Opening 71 – 202 mm
Weight 0.43-2.45 kg
Packing Space 40×40 – 120×120 mm
Type Round Squared Frame Transit
Material AISI 316, Galvanized

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