About our partner

Britmar Marine has partnered with Francis Searchlights for many years offering a wide variety of quality signalling lanterns and searchlights for sale for all types of vessels and applications to USA and Canada. Francis and Britmar have worked together developing a market in North America for the searchlights produced at the factory in the UK. The searchlights are supplied and offered not only to the marine industry but to the security and land based market. This includes the US and Canadian armed services. Britmar offers exceptional knowledge and experience in this area and can help ship owners, shipyards and electrical distributors pick the correct size and type of searchlight.

Defense & security

Navies all over the world rely on our searchlight and signal projectors, offering quality and reliability. International Maritime Bureau report an increase in piracy, with vessels being boarded at night, whilst underway, as well as assisting in the fight against piracy. Our searchlights can accommodate the security of the vessel preventing possible piracy. Francis Searchlights can and have been used in both security land based applications like watch towers and in architectural use.

Safety Flood Light

Marine Safety LED Flood Light – Sonaray HAZARD

Explorer LED Flood Light

Marine LED Flood Light – Sonaray EXPLORER


Marine LED Flood Light – Sonaray EPSILON

Flood Light FL-3520

Marine LED Flood Light – Sonaray DELTA




ST76 1000W HID

BR40 Emergency LED Light Fixture

BR40 Emergency LED Light Fixture



BR40 Emergency LED Light Fixture

BR40 Emergency LED Light Fixture