Francis Signalling Searchlight FSP250

Tungsten Halogen Signalling Searchlight 250mm


The Francis FSP250 Signalling Searchlight incorporates the features required to successfully operate searchlights in the most demanding product operating environments on land and sea.

The 250mm (10”) pedestal or bridge wing mounted light is used on medium and large craft for ship to ship and ship to shore signalling using the morse code or similar signalling code.

The light is all brass, anti-magnetic construction and is fully weatherproof. The light shutter can be locked to allow its use as a searchlight.


  • Weatherproof IP56 resistance
  • Signalling minimum range 10 miles / 16 km (daylight)
  • Signalling speed up to 12 words per minute
  • Beam divergence 6°
  • 250mm (10”)~ Signalling projector

Technical Specification

Part # A4047
Application Signalling, search
Voltage 115 V / 230 V
Wattage 1,000 W
Lamp Life 200 hrs
Range 1,600 m
Material Marine Grade Anti Magnetic

Product Support Files